Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Begin with Yes Newsletter: Summer 2011

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The Message in a Bottle

Ellen DeGeneres has never heard of Begin with Yes, but some days I think she could have written the book.  I am a big fan, and a quick look at her talk show ratings tells me I am not alone.  But for me, it’s more than being a fan.  Her life has impacted me in a much more personal way, which I’ll tell you about in a minute.
But first, I know most people love Ellen because of her easy-going, sometimes quirky sense of humor and her ability to make us laugh so easily.  But I also think there’s another more significant reason we’re drawn to her.  Like most of us, she has had her share of difficult times, and we are inspired by the way she has faced them:  head on, staying true to self, maintaining that wonderful sense of humor and always believing that things could and would get better.     
Several years ago when Ellen “came out” on her sitcom (and in real life too), her career took a nose dive. Advertisers backed away, the ratings went into a free fall and her once popular television show was abruptly cancelled.  And although there had to be some anger, fear and hurt to slow her down, it clearly never stopped her.  One step at a time she kept moving forward.  And like many of you, Ellen didn’t just happen to get to a better place, she actually rolled up her sleeves and figured out how to create one.    

Those of you who know me, or have read Begin with Yes or are on the Begin with Yes Facebook page know that I believe we are more powerful than we may think.  I also know how important it is to keep taking those small steps forward, even when we’re overwhelmed, depressed, heartbroken, disappointed or just plain stuck. 

What you may have suspected but not known until now, is that I have also had my own share of ups and downs, difficult streaks, and even challenging years.  I won’t burden you with all the details, but I do think it’s important for you to know that my sense of optimism and hope didn’t come from having a life that always unfolded easily.  Rather, it came from my gradual understanding that much of the unfolding was actually up to me.  I often write or speak to groups about what I’m learning along the way, and here are just a few relevant thoughts:    

I’ve learned that we don’t always feel like it, or even feel up to it, but we still need to get out of bed and get on with our day. 
I’ve learned that positive attitudes count, but if you want to make something good happen, positive actions count more. 
I've learned that we may not call all the shots, but we damn well call many of them. And those are the ones we need to focus on first.
And most of all, I’ve learned that deciding who to welcome in to our lives is one of the most important decisions we’ll ever make.  So we need to choose wisely--and lovingly.   

And if you’re reading this, you probably already know that the people I’ve invited in to my life are people who have faced challenges and disappointments, but who have figured out how to pick themselves up, dust themselves off and get on with their lives.  I’ve invited people in who I may never meet face-to-face, but who have been open, willing and brave enough to meet me heart-to-heart.  And finally, I’ve welcomed in people who have discovered that although it often feels like we’re a world of many separate waves, when we join together, we understand deeply that we’re really all just part of a bigger ocean.    

And ironically, it’s those ocean waves that have brought a message in a bottle for me to share.  And here it is:  Thank you Ellen, for showing me how to come out with a little class.  And thanks to each one of you for welcoming me in, with so much love.  And now I’m going to practice what I preach and put that message in the bottle back into the ocean and figure out my next small step!
With all good vibes!

Before I write another word, I want to thank you for being part of the Begin with Yes community, for signing up for the newsletter, and for taking a few precious minutes to read through this update.
Our Facebook page has been growing faster than ever, and we’re getting close to 6,000 friends. It’s an active, vibrant, high-energy group, brimming with positivity, and I appreciate every single “Like” and read and am inspired by every single comment. I know there are a million Facebook pages out there and I am thankful that you choose to spend a little time each day with ours.

I especially want to thank those of you who have taken the additional step of signing up for this newsletter. You are the very essence of Begin with Yes, and have been with me from the beginning, and I will always be grateful to you!

And with that said, let’s turn to some Begin with Yes news:

Coming Soon, Begin with Yes: The Guided Imagery CD!
Many of you have read Begin with Yes and already taking steps toward your goals. Are you ready for a quantum leap? In just a few weeks, we’ll be releasing a brand new Begin with Yes guided imagery CD designed to help you tap into your innate wisdom, create positive expectations while releasing any limiting beliefs that are slowing you down or holding you back.

Begin with Yes principles that have hopefully helped you achieve your goals and will soon be available in a Guided Imagery recording to help you align your subconscious thoughts with your actions to create the changes and results you’re striving for.

Developed in collaboration with Sharon M. O’Connor, RN, CHT, who has a guided imagery and hypnotherapy practice in the NH  seacoast. Formerly an ER nurse, she studied hypnotherapy and began to witness the profound changes that happen when stress is reduced and optimism is increased.  

Here’s a link to her website to find out more about Sharon and her work: http://acmswellness.com/.

Saying "Yes" to MOTIVATED Magazine
I was recently asked to write an article for MOTIVATED magazine.  It will be in the newest issue about to hit newsstands in Canada and the U.S.  Here's a blurb from the magazine's communications director: 
Ever wondered what the secret to making things happen is? Paul’s figured it out (it’s not what you think) and he’s ready to share it with YOU!

A publication that encourages readers to rise to their fullest potential and pair their passion with purpose, MOTIVATED Magazine is thrilled to welcome Paul Boynton to its growing list of contributors – the likes of which include Bill Clinton, Deepak Chopra, Sir Richard Branson, Steve Wozniak, and many, many more.
Addressing anyone who’s been stuck in a rut or wondering how exactly to achieve their goals, Paul teams up with MOTIVATED, sharing his Begin With Yes philosophy in fall’s Optimism issue to get the wheel rolling and you moving in the direction of your dreams.

So what are you waiting for? Join the MOTIVATED movement and say “Yes” today!  Click the image to subscribe.

Yes on the Radio
I am really excited to share that Begin with Yes, the radio show, will debut this September on Empower Radio. It will be a weekly call-in talk show and I’m hoping I will get to chat with many of my Facebook friends about challenges and opportunities, and making things happen one step at a time. (If you’d like to be a caller, please send me a note at beginwithyes@comcast.net and we’ll make it happen!) 

I will be able to tell you more soon, including the schedule and first broadcast date and time. But for now, check out Empower Radio, http://www.empoweradio.com/home/ and all the wonderful shows already available, and add the link to your favorites. Be talking with you you soon!

Yes Notes

Begin with Tumblr
I've been compiling my Facebook posts on Tumblr for easy perusal.  Feel free to check it out at http://beginwithyes.tumblr.com.

Got a Nook?  Give the Book a Look!
Begin with Yes is now available for the Barnes and Noble Nook.  Visit the Begin with Yes Store to purchase! (Also available in Kindle and soft cover.)

Our Facebook Community Continues to Grow
Our Facebook Page has been a social media sensation, with nearly 6,000 like-minded realistic optimists gathering to discuss what it means to have a Begin with Yes attitude.  We've got folks from all walks of life, from every corner of the globe!  Consider "liking" our page and join the momentum!  http://www.facebook.com/beginwithyes.

Don't Forget About the Main Site Either
Beginwithyes.com is the HQ of all things Yes, where you can find articles, multimedia and our store.  Check out the new "contact me" button.  I'd love to connect with you!
Thanks again for saying yes and signing up to receive the Begin with Yes newsletter. You already know how powerful the ripple effect is, and I hope you will take one more moment to share this message in a bottle with a friend or family member you think might appreciate a message of positive thoughts and positive actions.

And until we meet again, here’s a little funky Trombone Shorty traveling music:


Begin with Yes
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Friday, July 22, 2011

If you’ve discovered this page, you are one of the first to know I am about to begin posting an occasional post here. I should be up and running in a few days so please check back. And thanks a lot for visiting today! Paul 7/22/11

Thursday, February 11, 2010

So many beginnings!

Things have been busy and there are a lot of things beginning to fall into place for Begin with Yes. Our Facebook page is being revamped, the totally new website is now up and unfolding - with new friends joining everyday. I just sent my first note on Twitter and the "YES Book Forward" initiative is underway in a big way. I hope you'll help introduce your friends to all that the things we've set in motion. I am grateful and inspired by all of you and hope that I can return the favor one day. Remember, "Life begins when you do!" Paul

PS: In a few days we'll have a big announcement about a huge book giveaway to people struggling with the economy and having a hard time finding work - I will make sure you get the details here first!

Sunday, January 17, 2010


A few days ago I realized that it was time to begin my new blog. That sounded easy enough until I tried putting pen to paper, and suddenly, I had no idea where to start.
For the past several months I’ve been focused on getting Begin with Yes completed and ready to publish, and I had been on a roll – writing and talking about the power of positive actions and how easy it is to get things moving in a positive direction. To be stumped over a simple blog entry, even momentarily, caught me off guard and got me thinking about the suggestions in my book in a very real and practical way. I eventually went to the back of the book and re-read the 10 Begin with Yes Principles and instantly knew what I had to do.
I had to begin.
Often, when we’re faced with challenges and opportunities (especially big ones), we tend to become overwhelmed. There is so much to do, so many possibilities or directions we could pursue, that we actually become immobilized. At other times our goals seem so big and so complex that the journey seems almost impossible. And guess what? Although I literally “wrote the book,” have coached and spoken publicly, and more and more have actually lived a Begin with Yes life, I wasn’t immune from these temporary roadblocks.
Begin with Yes teaches that we need to shift our focus from all the distractions, including the ones I mentioned above, and ask one simple question: What could I do right now, today, that would move me just one step further in the direction I want to head? And the answer for me was to let go of writing the perfect blog and begin writing down a few preliminary thoughts that were kicking around in my head. And that’s what I did! As I began to write, my energy shifted and I ended up getting something done! And here it is:
I am glad you found your way here. I believe we’ve connected on purpose and that something good will come from your visit. I hope you’ll stick around, check out the site, sign up to receive the latest Begin with Yes news and information, post a note or question on my blog, and join forces with me and others already here who believe that positive actions – one by one – can change our lives in wonderful ways. My wish for you is the very same wish I have for my family and friends and co-workers and for myself: I want you to create and live a life where challenges big and small get dealt with effectively, and new and life-long dreams begin to unfold in ways that make you happy — and the world a little bit kinder. “Begin with Yes” works for me and I know it will work for you, too.
So, welcome to our blog. And although it may not be perfect, I am glad you’re here. It’s a beginning. And any beginning is a very good place to be!